Evolution Literacy: Science, The Universal Language

Postings about science, evolution, the controversy over evolution vs. creationism (and all its forms, including Theistic Evolution, Creation Science, Evolutionary Creation, BioLogos, Intelligent Design and Design Creationism).

For the public understanding of science…

Hands Skull AA GPC cover

A Eryops megacephalus - Photo G-Paz-y-Mino-C Beneski Museum 2015

Eryops megacephalus, Beneski Museum of Natural History, Amherst, MA, US. – Photo GPC

Posts include: EvoLiteracy News (frequent analyses of scientific articles about evolutionary biology, science, technology, the environment), Op-Pieces and Editorials (close to monthly postings about evolution, science and technology, higher education and culture; these postings are shared after being featured in primary venues: The Standard Times, The Providence Journal, Secular World Magazine), highlights about our academic research programs in evolutionary biology and acceptance of evolution (friendly text, popular media style about our scientific papers, books or book chapters), links to PDFs of our scientific publications (reprints for personal use by readers), biology and science videos (an always growing collection of links to videos and animations to supplement courses for college Biology Majors), as well as postings of amateur photography from our traveling to scientific meetings in diverse countries.

To schedule talks and/or science seminars by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C for academic institutions or science-education events, you can contact (email) guillermo.pazyminoc@gmail.com or “Leave a Reply” in the box below (please remember to provide name, institution and contact info).

A - Champsosaurus natator - Photo G-Paz-y-Mino-C 2014

Champsosaurus natator (cast), from the Late Cretaceous (75 MY), Tyrrell Museum of Alberta, Canada

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