New England Science Public Series Evolution

The New England Science Public: Series Evolution (ISSN: 2326-0971) is published yearly by New England Science Public and the New England Center for The Public Understanding of Science at Roger Williams University. The Series publishes original, hypothesis-testing research articles, comprehensive reviews, current trends articles, conceptual viewpoints that challenge traditional scientific consensus and advance knowledge, and data and meta-data analytical studies in evolution and its directly related disciplines and sub disciplines (e.g. cosmic evolution, organisms and evolution of biodiversity, the continuum micro-to-macro evolution, systems biology applied to evolution, ecology and evolutionary biology, behavior and ethology, cognition and perception, philosophy of science/ evolution, history of science/ evolutionary theory, the evolution of technology, the evolution of cultures and languages, evolutionary psychology and medicine, educational assessment about evolution in the classroom, evaluation and research in the communication of evolutionary principles to all audiences).

New England Science Public: Series Evolution aims at translating complex and technical research –conducted by specialized scholars— into documents that can be understood and used by other scholars in academia, professionals outside academia, communicators of science, and educators to disseminate knowledge, promote evolution literacy and the public understanding of science.

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