Visitors to EvoLiteracy during April 2016 – 50 countries and growing!

A short posting summarizing our followers’ visits to Evolution Literacy during April 2016. We continue to grow internationally… and fast.

EvoLiteracy continues to grow and, although many of our visitors are from the United States (65%), the international presence is nowadays notorious. We thank our followers for that. Colleagues and friends from 50 countries read (during April 2016) our news and opinion pieces about science, the evolution controversy and research reports from various sources. Our upcoming book Measuring the Evolution Controversy, by Paz-y-Miño-C and Espinosa, shall ignite additional attention (the book has been announced by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, it will be out June 1, 2016). I will provide info about the book in a separate post, probably during the coming week (the Publisher shall make available mini-reviews of the book by scholars and/or other authors). In any event, back to the purpose of this post, hope you all enjoy being part of the statistics in the pie diagram and country-by-country list below. – GPC

Here is a summary-depiction of visitors’ activity at EvoLiteracy during the past 30 days. The over-crowded and overlapping text (top right, just below the word “During“) is there on purpose, there is nothing wrong with your computer. It shows 32-superimposed names of countries and their corresponding percent values of visitors’ activity (yes, it is hard to read, which in this case is permissible); the complete list of countries is shown after the pie diagram. If you visited EvoLiteracy during April 2016, your country should be listed:

Visitors to EvoLiteracy during April 2016

And here is the list of countries from which our followers are from (50 during April 2016; the grand total of country visits, as per 2015, is 103). The list includes the European Union, Taiwan and Hong Kong as “countries” for reasons known to internet users (otherwise, click on European UnionTaiwan or Hong Kong to learn about it). I thank you all for sharing our posts and for re-posting them on twitter and Facebook. – GPC – Evolution Literacy.

List of Visitors to EvoLiteracy during April 2016

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